BREATHE – It's a New Year

BREATHE  –  It's a New Year

BREATHE    It's a New Year

The beginning of a new year brings a sense of renewal and expectation. After the turbulence, fears, and loss of 2020, many of us are hopeful about the new year, the possibility of a return to some degree of normalcy – a chance to reset and a fresh start.  

As we put 2020 in the rearview mirror, it is important to bring forward with us into 2021 some of the important lessons learned. During the previous year, many of us obtained greater clarity on our priorities and values. We gained a renewed appreciation for spending quality time with loved ones, reaffirmed the importance of simple random acts of kindness, and were reminded we all should be able to breathe unhampered by physical, social, or environmental barriers.  

In the midst of the turmoil, controversies and differences of opinions, certainly we can all agree on the importance of the breath. Be it physical (to provide the energy and nourishment the body and mind needs to function optimally) or emotional (as an anti-stress mechanism to bring a sense of calm and peace to one’s inner being), the principles of breathing are worth exploring. 

BREATHE has become an important mental frame for the GermSanity team as we contemplate our hopes and dreams for 2021.  We begin the new year like many of you – excited about the possibilities. We also begin the year with clarity on the principles that will guide how we live, work, and engage in the new year. These principles we share with you as we incorporate them into our novel lifestyle brand. 

The essence (or principles) of BREATHE: 

  • Balanced 
  • Respectful 
  • Empathetic 
  • Attentive to Attitude 
  • Tranquil 
  • Hopeful 
  • Energized for Success 

Many of us were forced in 2020 to slow down and establish new patterns for work and life. As limitations were placed on certain elements of our life, we found freedom in other ways. Family meals became a routine. We prioritized virtual connections with family and friends. Health and safety took renewed importance over work. In other words, many of us became more balanced. Remaining balanced is a key principle that will continue to guide how we choose to engage in 2021.  

Respectful and Empathetic 
The past year reminded us that life is precious and fleeting. It also revealed the depth of our polarization. We can have different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences and still find common ground if we are willing to be respectful and empathetic towards each other and in situations presented to us. Respecting our differences and practicing sensitivity will advance us more quickly and help us accomplish more of our goals collectively. 

Attentive to Attitude 
Life is not always a bed of roses and we often are faced with challenges or barriers to our success. Projecting a positive attitude may not change negative circumstances or necessarily reduce our stress. However, projecting a positive attitude conveys a sense of hopefulness and reminds us that, even amid challenging circumstances, there are reasons to be grateful. You will be amazed at how an “attitude of gratitude” can lift the spirit and spur the soul on to great accomplishments.  

Too often we rush through the day, with the sole purpose of checking off our to-do list. Yet, there is value in taking time to pause and reflect. It is not necessary (or even healthy) to constantly busy ourselves and fill every second or hour of the day with a myriad of never-ending activities. It is helpful to enjoy moments of silence and peacefulness to refuel and nourish our souls. We need those tranquil moments; we need to remain centered as we continue to navigate the challenges and the opportunities of the new year. 

Turning the calendar to a new year does not change the unknowns and our world will not immediately return to a semblance of normalcy. However, we can choose to be hopeful and focus on the possibilities that a new year offers. Hope generates inspiration and optimism. Inspiration and optimism channel us forward. Hope is a choice; an important one that can help us bravely face the unknowns and forge ahead in spite of difficulties. 

Energized for Success 
Each new year brings renewed excitement for what the future might hold. We all want and need to be able to look forward to a different reality than many experienced in the past year. And we need to be energized in the present if we are to fully capitalize on potential opportunities of the future. The year 2021 will bring new opportunities . . . and its own share of challenges. Let’s get energized and ready to accomplish all that is set before us. 

As you journey through this new year, our hopes and dreams for the new year is that each of us find greater peace during moments of insanity by remembering to BREATHE. We hope you enjoy our inaugural collections. BREATHE – and may the new year bring you great joy and peace.  

The GermSanity Team 

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