5 Helpful Ways To Stay Balanced During Challenging Times

5 Helpful Ways To Stay Balanced During Challenging Times

We have all been thrown a little off edge with the currently ongoing coronavirus pandemic. With much of the population working from home, many changes have emerged. We have had to adjust to new settings, new schedules, and new routines. We have had to adapt to these new changes practically overnight, which is something easier said than done.

Difficulty managing new schedules, socializing, parenting, running errands and finding a balance between work life and home life has somehow become too much to handle.

So, how do you stay balanced during challenging times in your life? In this post, we’ll explore a few tips that have helped bring peace, ease and tranquility into our lives. Read on for the full list:

Sweat it out 
Health is wealth.  Even a short session of exercise can work wonders for your mind and body. Evidence shows that physical activity dramatically improves your mood and reduces anxiety and negative energy, even if it’s just a quick walk in the park.

We all know the feeling too well when, for some reason, you just can’t suck up the energy to throw on your trainers and get to the gym. But you can still benefit from a walk or jog in the neighborhood. You don’t even have to plan it. Just go out and do it. You can also do a few calisthenics and stretches right in your own living room. Get the blood pumping to your brain and watch your adrenaline levels soar as soon as you start moving. Believe it or not, moving the body will energize your mind and bring a sense of calmness to the soul.

Organize your day 
Jumbled thoughts lead to disorganization, and ultimately, imbalance. Make a list of your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks ahead of time and thank yourself later. Whether you’re planning your day in a Google Calendar or your favorite notebook, translate your thoughts onto paper to create a visual map of your To-Do List. Don’t try to accomplish too much at once. Take each task one at a time to manage your energy and output. You will then be sure to cross the finish line with calm and ease.

Care for your health
The year 2021 calls for you to quit bad habits. Bad habits can be detrimental to your health and wellbeing and can keep you from evolving. It is time to make the positive changes necessary for growth and development—no matter what that entails. It may include quitting smoking, drinking more water, or taking more responsibility for yourself and the health of your loved ones.

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Practice journaling
Journaling for balance is a proven method of finding stability during difficult times. Set aside some time to reflect and note down what it is that you are grateful for. Daily journaling is a great way to capture the best moments in your life, such as your highs (and even your lows) that have shaped you into the person you are today. It is also helpful for relieving stress, boosting the mood, and enhancing your sense of wellbeing.
Take some time out for you
Often deemed as a pivotal way to find balance, self-care is recognized as an excellent tactic to leading a well-balanced lifestyle. Relaxing with your favorite book, soaking in a hot tub with the soothing aroma of essential oils, or meditating in a dark room will all make you feel grateful and significantly less stressed as you continue to adjust to the new changes confronting you.


How do you seek balance in your life? We would love you to share your stories!


  • Harold

    Good, insightful post.

    I think balance is a concept and mentality that is created during challenging times as well as good times. I think that foundation will help make adjusting balance to any situation less challenging. I seek balance by exploring things that are not part of my normal repertoire or things that are typically not like me. For instance, I listen to more than one news station and more than one type of music. From an exercise perspective, I run, swim, and lift weights for balance. All three are different type exercises that work different parts of the body. These are some things that gives me an opportunity to see and feel different perspectives. I may not like each the same, but it helps balance my mind and body.

  • Andrew W.

    I find taking dedicated time for Prayer everyday will also help balance your body, soul, and mind. #StayBlessed #StaySafe

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